Y4 meet a Chiropractor

Today, the flamingo class had a visitor, Dr Craig Zavitz, a retired chiropractor.  He and his knowledgeable assistant, Robin, taught the class how the spine is formed from a single cell and how it grows. They played a game with the children to help them understand how the brain sends messages through the body, through the spine and to all our organs. Then Dr Craig had a role play experience to show children how a chiropractor could make small adjustments to the spine in order to improve ailments. We had a question and answer time with Robin who also brought some follow-up activities. The children were quizzed on skeleton facts they knew already and they could answer all but one question correctly, much to Dr Craig’s amazement! We all learned about how to keep our back healthy through diet, exercise and weight bearing correctly. Thank you Dr Craig and Robin for giving us this experience.

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