Year 1 take a ride to Provo Ponies

yr-1-provo-ponies-april-2016 (5)Year 1 took a field trip to Provo Ponies. We were so excited to get the chance to see the horses, dogs, the donkey and chickens after spending so much time learning about animals through our last topic, The Carnival of Animals.

The children and I did a shared retell of our trip to Provo Ponies in the afternoon. Here it is:






“First, we saw the donkey. His name is Calese and he has soft brown fur. Next, we went to see the ponies. There was one horse named Thor. He was really, really big. After that, we took a walk around the stables to see the other horses. There were so many horses. We got to touch and feed some of them. Then, we got special brushes and groomed two ponies. Finally, we got to see the hen and chickens. We also got to touch some eggs.”

We highly recommend going to visit Provo Ponies. Thank you to Kelly, who gave us a fantastic tour.

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