Year 1s create amazing 3D papier-mâché animals

yr-1-paper-mache-animals-mar-2016 (1)Our BIG Design Technology project this term was designing and making 3D papier-mâché animals. The children worked very patiently and hard to complete their animals.

First, they had to plan how to make their animal and bring in different ‘junk’ material to create it. Next, they worked with duct tape to attach the different parts of the body together and then, they covered their animals with newspaper that was coated with a special mixture to strengthen their animal and keep it from molding. Finally, the children painted their animals and added all the special features to make them stand out.

I was so impressed by the good attitude shown by the Year 1 children. It took them over a month, over various sessions, to complete their animals.  We showcased all of the children’s animals, their habitats and non-fiction animal books, at our Education Week Open House Showcase.  If you have not had a chance to see then yet – pop into our classroom this week!

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