Year 2 Take to the Aisles of IGA

Wow! What a fabulous ‘behind the scenes’ look the Year 2 students had when they visited the IGA on a field trip. As part of our DT (Design & Technology) project this term, the children have been exploring and creating different cereal box covers. We’ve investigated why we think certain cereals appeal to children – like, maybe there is a fun character on the cover, maybe the box is very colourful, maybe the cereal box uses popular movie characters or even perhaps it offers a free gift inside! We used our trip to the IGA to get more inspiration for our next draft of our cereal box cover. Now, we need to think: How can we add more detail and what improvements can we make?

When we returned, I asked the children to write a retell in their journals. Below is one of the journal entries that was written by a Year 2 student:

“ Today I was really excited for my field trip! Before we went to the IGA we got into groups. Now let’s get on with the field trip! First, we went to the produce area. The produce area is where IGA people cut up food. Someone named Roy was in the produce area. Roy has been working at the IGA since 1994. Roy answered some of our questions. My question was where do you get all the food? Next, we went to the deli area. A man showed us how to make flowers for cake out of frosting. A lady showed us a massive oven. The oven was bigger than me! After that, we saw the meat room. It was so cold. I wanted to jump into lava! A man in the meat room showed us things like a meat grinder and ground beef. Then someone showed us to the cereal aisle. Miss Tracy said to find your favourite cereal and explain why it’s your favourite. Finally, we went to an IGA desk and we were given bags of food. Everyone said, “Thank you.”

Thank you to our two lovely tour guides and also to everyone at IGA for being so cheerful and welcoming! We’d also like to say ‘thank you’ for our yummy treats!  Thanks to all our parents too who help with transportation.

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