Year 3’s Roving Researchers

Below are just some of the amazing facts that Year 3 researched into and presented to the class. We learned so much, and had lots of fun finding out new things. How incredibly wonderful and marvelous the world around us is! Thank you Year 3 for sharing your findings with us.

Did you know…

One of the largest snowflakes ever recorded was 40cm long.?

A rose has between 20 – 40 petals, depending on the type of rose?

It takes a whole year for a palm tree to grow 30cm?

Volcano ash can travel as far as the length of Provo which is around 17 miles!

The hot melted rock inside a volcano is called magma and when it comes out it turns into lava?

The name ‘volcano’ originates from Vulcan – the Roman god of fire?

All the colours in a rainbow is called a ‘spectrum’?

We even learned that somebodies grand-father in Year 3 had climbed part of Mount Everest – wow! What an achievement.

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