Year 4 discover what a chiropractor does!

Our first week back after mid term break was very action packed!

Dr. Craig and his wife Robin, dropped in to share with the Year 4 students what he does as a Chiropractor. The children played an informative, fun game which showed how our brain sends signals to our skeletal system. It was quite amazing.  Thank you!

In his presentation, Dr. Craig talked about how people might injure their back, their neck or other parts of their skeletal system and the problems this can cause; symptoms such as blockages in the spinal cord and pain and muscular discomfort. This is when he treats people to help them get better. He demonstrated how he would help patients having any of those issues. The class were impressive with their knowledge of our bones and muscles, asking and answering many questions.


Dr. Craig also spoke with the students from Year 1 to 7 about how to pack and wear a backpack to help prevent back and neck pain.  Find more information here:


Year 4 also had fun reading to the Year 1 students in character day. We had so many fun book characters such as James Bond, Harry Potter, Grey Crayon and August from the book Wonder. It was wonderful to see how well the Year 4 children connected with the Year 1 class and how much enjoyment they got from it – a great day overall!


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