Year 4 Meet World Explorer Sir Francis Drake!

World Exploration was amongst the many topics Year 4 and I learned about last half term. The subject is fascinating enough, but we were lucky enough to have a visit from Sir Francis Drake himself!

The children had prepared questions for him in advance and had the chance to interview him for about half an hour. He talked to us about many things including his circumnavigation of the globe, what it’s like working for the Queen of England and described Tudor London for us. We had a very rare insight in to life approximately 500 years ago.

I asked the class to add to this blog with some of their thoughts about the visit; here are some of their comments:

‘He was so funny. I loved the way whenever he mentioned The Spanish, he pretended to spit in disgust!’

‘He was funny and I liked his English accent.’

‘He was so funny I could hardly ask any questions.’

‘We learned that he was able to impress the Queen with a potato!’

‘He got lots of treasure from The Spanish.’

Our topic for this half term is Let’s Celebrate. As part of this we have written our own recipes for a Firework! They are filled with magical, imaginative ideas and the children have created some stunning artwork to illustrate their writing. In fact our classroom is full of their beautiful work, please come and see it!

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