Year 5’s Adventures in North and Middle Caicos

Year 5 went on our overnight trip to North and Middle Caicos on the 13th to 14th of June and had a blast! We were incredibly lucky with good weather, very few mosquitoes and beautifully behaved children! We visited Mudjin Harbour, Conch Bar caves, Wade’s Green, the Government farm and even visited ‘My Dee’s’, a local restaurant, and the Middle Caicos Co-op to see beautifully weaved baskets and bags. We were so very lucky to have the wonderful support of Mrs. Rochelle and one of the children’s dad, Mr. Olly; thank you both so much! Also a huge thank you also to everyone on North and Middle for making our trip possible.

Here are some of the children’s ‘best bits’:

My favourite part was when we went into the caves and across a huge log, it was exciting!- (M.N.)

I recommend that you go down the staircase at Mudjin Harbor so that you can see another secret beach. P.S there are no rails on the staircase! (A.M.)

I think if you are going on the Year 5 trip next year, you will enjoy bonding with your classmates when sharing a room with them. (S.S-B.)

I recommend having a flashlight for the cave so you can see all the little baby bats. (S.H.)

I would suggest taking long beach walks, hunting for sea glass and tiny hermit crabs. (I.T.)

My favourite part of the trip was when we went to Horsestable beach and played hide and seek. (G-D.P)

My favourite part was when we went to Mudjin Harbor and played catch with the tennis balls. (C.C.)

The thing that I adored the most was going to the beach and spending quality time with my friends. (D.B.)

I liked seeing how the stone walls were built so carefully at Wade’s Green and how much work had gone into creating the sheep pens, wells, and even a shop! (G.O.)


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