Year 2’s Traditional Tales

Recently, Year 2 have learned all about traditional tales and have even written some of their own. The children really enjoyed reading and listening to the traditional tales and particularly enjoyed going on a hunt to find more traditional stories on their own. The children loved it when they found examples of traditional stories in their own home, or in the school library.

The children looked for key traits found in a traditional tale, listing those traits and explaining how each one filled the requirement.  They also enjoyed watching short clips of certain stories on the white board projector and then acting out certain parts of the clip.

Year 2 then invited the Year 1/2 class over one afternoon to share some traditional tales with each other.  They also compared the things each class had learned about traditional tales.  Both classes discussed the tales they had studied and what activities they did while studying the stories.

At the end of year 2’s traditional story unit each child wrote their very own tale then shared reading it to the whole class in a circle one afternoon. They were also quizzed on identifying the traits such as the repeating part, the moral or lesson taught,  the human like animal characters and the settings.

Miss Hollie said that she believed this topic was very well liked by the whole class.  Job well done, Year 2. Make sure you check out their room to read some of their amazing tales!

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