All Aboard-Yr 3/4 Explore a Visiting a Naval Ship

Three ships from the Dominican Republic Navy made an official visit to the island on Monday June 14 for three days.   The vessels were crewed by more than 40 sailors.   Year 3/4 accepted an invitation from the Dominican Republic Naval fleet and headed to the Turtle Cove Marina for an exciting tour of one of their ships.   The children were escorted around the boat by naval officers who kindly answered all their questions.

The children were fascinated by the very hot engine room, amazed by the equipment in the bridge, impressed by the smells coming from the galley, wanted to stay longer in the PlayStation room and a were little speechless at the petite size of the living quarters!

At the end of their visit the children were grateful for the drinks which were kindly provided for them!  One of the children commented, “It was very cool. They had two cannons. The boat had engine rooms that smelt bad. There was a shower, beds and a kitchen.  They also had a Play Station and all the games. It was very fun.”

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