Ancient Greek Day

Last term ,Year3/4 celebrated the end of their Ancient Greek topic by having an Ancient Greek day.  The children came to school dressed in Greek clothes and really looked the part!  All of Year 3/4 would like to say a BIG thanks to parents who contributed to their Greek Feast!  The day was a huge success!

The day started with their own version of the Olympics.  It was previously decided, for obvious reasons that girls could take part and boys were allowed to wear clothes!   Miss Steph put the children into three teams so that Sparta, Athens and Crete were represented.  They really enjoyed competing in the javelin, wrestling and discus competitions as well their own version of a chariot race and the marathon!

After a little rest, the children’s creative side was tested as they made their own Greek pots.  They then used these to retell Greek stories in picture form, for people in the future to find!

The final part of the day was spent doing what they do best, eating!  The children enjoyed a huge array of Greek food, including – to name a few –  olives, sardines, grapes, cheese, chicken, grouper, eggs, milk and honey!

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