Our Facility

The moment you step foot into the school grounds, you sense that you are entering a warm, child centered and environmentally friendly learning environment. You immediately become aware of the strong sense of community, as you observe children happily playing and sharing their initial good morning greetings with friends, parents and teachers.

The surrounding gardens and play areas have been thoughtfully landscaped with the key aim being to keep as much of the local vegetation as possible. A network of pathways connect through the playground to different play areas.

In our main playground we have 2 large play equipment structures, an 8 swing swing-set, an artificial grass pitch, a garden area and a stage  There is also a separate age-appropriate play area for Toddlers – Junior Kindergarten children.

The Classrooms

We believe that children learn in response to their environments and deserve to work in challenging environments that stimulate and hold their concentration. We strive to provide aesthetically attractive and stimulating learning environments that challenge and celebrate the children’s learning.

Computing and technology plays a very prominent role in our school curriculum. We aim to ensure that all children are confident and have the necessary skills to understand and use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to their fullest potential. In order to achieve this we have a commitment to ensure that the children have access to the most up to date equipment we can provide.

Each classroom has its own computer. Classrooms from Jr. kindergarten to Years 6 also have their Interactive whiteboard. Our computer suite has 10 fully networked computers.  We also have a laptop trolley that houses a class set of tablets.

We also have a well stocked library of fiction and non-fiction books, and a music room which homes our own steel pan drums.

Our Surrounding Area

We are fortunate to be located right next to some amazing sporting facilities, all of which we use for our Physical Education programme.  These include the ‘Graceway Sports Center’,  ‘TCIFA football field’ and the ‘CARIFTA National Athletics Stadium’.