We encourage a lifelong love of learning by:

Offering a rich, imaginative and inspiring curriculum

We believe that children become self motivated when they see purpose in their learning and are given some control over planning and developing activities. Our Early Years teachers engage children in exciting projects whilst teaching them concepts appropriate to their individual developmental level.

Throughout the school, we offer a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, which is supported by a wide range of extra-curricular activities and events. We offer a healthy balance between a truly creative curriculum and high academic attainment. We encourage children to use their imagination and to become interested and interesting individuals. Our small teaching groups allow children to become more involved and responsible for their learning.

We have a belief that whilst we always strive to reach the highest possible academic standards, we must not lose sight of the wide ranging enjoyment that a primary school should provide. Our aim is to provide “learning and achieving through experience and enjoyment” A large range of field trips, after school clubs, visitors and events enrich our curriculum and are a welcome addition to the school.

Challenging every child to reach their own unique potential

Our main goal is to develop well-rounded, happy children. We believe that children have a unique combination of learning styles and multiple intelligences. We strive to recognise and nurture each child’s inherent abilities and emerging strengths, whilst also supporting their weaknesses. We provide as many opportunities as possible for our gifted and talented children to develop their strengths and we offer learning support to children who may need extra help.

Empowering Children and Encouraging Care and Concern for Others

At our school, the feelings, needs, and ideas of each person are respected. We hope that every child who has been a part of our school will remember and build upon the inspiration and learning experiences they have gained from their teachers and fellow students.

Children are taught to express their feelings and talk about how their actions may have affected themselves or others.  We help children to see that they have power, control and responsibility over themselves in their lives.

Opening Doors of Opportunity, Fostering Responsibility, Independence, Courage and Trust

We provide an environment where parents, children and staff are given the freedom to learn and be innovative. Children are encouraged to look at themselves honestly, to evaluate their own needs clearly in order to set personal goals, to make decisions responsibly and to think for themselves.

We support each child’s ability to experience as many ideas, learning processes, perspectives and opportunities as possible. Our children are made to feel important for who they are, and are constantly being encouraged by our staff. As a result, children become positive, enthusiastic, successful and independent. We encourage children to take risks and to pursue personal goals whether it is in Music, Dance, Drama, Sports or Academic areas.

General Expectations

Respect, kindness and positive behaviour and attitude towards school life and those around us are the normal expectations at Provo Primary School.  In order that everyone knows what is expected of them and others around them, we have golden rules, which are:

  • Care for myself and others
  • Be honest
  • Work hard
  • Listen
  • Look after property


flamingoOur school logo is a flamingo.  It is made from a handprint. The fingers and thumb help us to remember our five golden rules.