Mario Rigby, Our Very Own Modern Day Explorer.

We are so excited to celebrate the journey of our very own explorer, Mario Rigby. Mario Rigby attended Provo Primary School before he went on to do such great and adventurous things.

I wonder how many of our current students can imagine themselves walking across Africa.

Well Mario did it, and as a result, he ended up in National Geographic! Mario says “It’s always been my dream to be featured in National Geographic… Here I am now”

We hope that encouraging our children to develop a growth mindset and allowing them to believe that anything is possible has an impact on their ability to realize their dreams. Before the start of this new school year, we encourage all our students to imagine, visualize, create, believe, set challenges and goals, practice frequently, and work towards making your dreams a reality, whatever they may be. Mario visited the school earlier this year to talk with the children – it was truly inspirational to hear about his adventures.

Is anyone else ready be a modern day explorer? Maybe start by exploring your passions and talents, or why not encourage someone else to recognize and realize their abilities during this new school year. You really never know what you can do unless you try! Get to know what others can do too, maybe you can team up to do something together in the future that is as great as Mario’s achievements.
We’d love to hear from our other alumni and about some of the goals you’ve managed to achieve since you left Provo Primary. Please write and let us know.

Collaborating with a leader in the field of Mindfulness

We were very fortunate to have Michael Apollo, lecturer in Mindfulness at The University of Toronto, join us via a Zoom meeting for a wonderful session on ‘Mindfulness for Teacher Resilience, Wellbeing and Communication’ during our Professional Development Teacher Training days this year.  We felt very inspired,  keen to incorporate mindful pauses into our busy days and excited to  share ideas he offered with our classes.

This was just an introduction to our year of working collaboratively with Michael.  Amazingly, he will join us on island in November to offer workshops for our teachers, students and parents.  Plan ahead and schedule time to be able to join us for his parent session at 1:30pm PM – 5:00 PM on Wednesday 6th November. You won’t want to miss this!

We are truly grateful that Michael Apollo will be working with Provo Primary and Middle School children, parents and teachers throughout the upcoming year and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Deborah, John and Melissa Roy for their generosity in sponsoring this amazing initiative.


What is our Personal Growth, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness Curriculum all about?

Our Professional Development teacher training at the start of this year focused on the development of our Personal Growth, Growth Mindset, and Mindfulness Curriculum throughout the school.

We are excited to share a little more about this and why we believe it’s an important part of our students’ education. So what is Personal Growth, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness all about …




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18 years on and the band is reforming!

One of the joys of teaching is to see the children you taught grow up and to listen to them reminiscing together about the things they remember about school.

About 18 years ago, this fantastic group of kids used to play in our then renowned steel band.

I’m so excited that we’ve managed to get most of this particular group back together to form our new Provo Primary and Middle School Alumni Band. I can’t wait for us to start performing again!



Registration is now open for Years 7 and 8 at Providenciales Primary & Middle School

Providenciales Primary & Middle School is accepting registrations

for Years 7 and 8 for September 2019.

Students graduating from Providenciales Primary School have proved through their strong academic results and successes as young adults, that our creative approach to teaching and learning has a large impact on their lives.

Providenciales Middle School extends upon this approach, ensuring that our brightest minds continue to be challenged and developed into their teenage years.

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Piano at Provo Primary and Middle School

Our new piano lessons have been a big hit with our children this term. We are also excited to welcome children and adults from outside of school who are making good use of our new piano teacher’s expertise and experience!

Here are some pictures and videos of some our beginner students, playing during their lessons.

Enrollment is now open for next term. For more information, please contact Miss Lilia at

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Middle School Official Opening Ceremony and Open House

We would like to thank all of you who were able to attend our Middle School Official Opening Ceremony and Open House last Monday; it was wonderful to see so much interest and support.

For those of you unable to attend, the evening opened with Ms. Alison welcoming Honorable Malcolm, Minister of Education and Mr. Bowen, Education Officer for Private Schools and other guests, including parents and children of Provo Primary and Middle School.

She went on to talk about her commitment to offering a Middle School Educational learning experience like Provo Primary, that was meaningful, fun, and a place where children felt inspired to learn, where individual passions and talents were recognized, and where children were encouraged to express themselves in creative and imaginative ways.

“With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, we need to be challenging the next generation of children to question, problem solve and think creatively. Above all, children need to be compassionate and caring and learn to work collaboratively, if they are to begin to solve larger world problems.” [Read more…]

Provo Middle School construction on target for opening September!

It’s not everyday that children get to enjoy working on a building site, but this is exactly what our Provo Primary Summer Campers got to do last week.

As our new Middle School building takes shape, with the help of Trevor Musgrove and T Holdings, our younger students watched bulldozers and backhoes in action. Now how exciting is that!

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Wild World – Steel Drums – Graduation 2018

Hotel California – Steel Drums – Graduation 2018

Congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2018

Congratulations Year 6, you have GRADUATED!

We congratulate our Year 6 children for their great effort and the incredible progress they have made in all areas of the curriculum. They have achieved the results they worked so hard for, have all graduated and are going to the schools of their choice. We are excited that 10 of our children will be attending our new Middle School (Provo Middle School) and the other 6 children will be going to B.W.Indies Collegiate.

Although we tend to focus on our children’s academic achievements at this time of year, these are not our only focus.

I did an exercise with the Year 6 class prior to their graduation where I asked them to write down their life goals[Read more…]

Provo Middle School: Opening September 2018

We are delighted to share plans for the opening of Providenciales Middle School in September 2018. We believe that our Middle School curriculum will be a truly innovative alternative to what is currently being provided in The Turks and Caicos Islands.We believe that teaching a Key Stage 3 curriculum (Years 7, 8 and 9) with a broad skills-based approach will enable children to gain knowledge through practical experiences.

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Our Day Will Come – Year 6 Steel Drums – Graduation 2017

On Days Like These – Year 6 Steel Drums – Graduation 2017

25th Anniverary Celebrations

I’d  like to thank everyone who came out to The Shore Club, last Saturday, 20th May to help us celebrate our 25th Anniversary. In all, we had about 140 guests.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our Master of Ceremony, Cynclair Musgrove, who was also a teacher at Provo Primary 15 years ago. When she heard about this event, she very kindly offered to be our host. Cynclair certainly kept us entertained as did our musicians, Perry Delancy, Brentford and Brenton Handfield and Tess Charles.

It was fantastic to see so many faces from the past, people who have supported our school throughout its growth and helped it to become what it is today.

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What an Amazing Cast and Crew!

img_6801Thank you to all the children who worked extremely hard to put on their very best performance in our Panto Like No Other Show this weekend. Thank you to our incredible parents for supporting the children and helping them get ready, our PTA for their help with the bar, and our Year 6 parents for the tasty food that was on sale during the evening. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our former parents and community members for their support, not only this year, but also over the past 25 years and for their part in making Provo Primary what it is today.

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to our teachers for all their hard work preparing for the show. It truly was an amazing show and I’m sure each of you is extremely proud of your class’s/children’s performances. Thank you to MRS. NIKI for directing this year’s extravaganza!

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Two Weeks of Toddler/Preschool Tasters Sessions

pps-tod-pre-2016Provo Primary School invites prospective Toddler/Preschool families to come and experience for yourself the unique qualities of our school and what we can offer your family

July 18th – 29th – 8.30AM -10.30AM

For ages 12 months to 2 years


Flexible days (one to five mornings each week)

Special Themes: Baby signing and fine/gross motor skills development 

$20 per day (Additional hours $10 per hour)



Flamingos and Chicks is back for the summer

flamingo-chicks-2016Are you interested in learning why Provo Primary is a leader in Early Childhood Education in The Turks and Caicos Islands? Come along to our FREE Flamingos (parents) and Chicks (1-2 yr olds) sessions, commencing this Friday July 8th from 9am to 10am. We hope to see you there. (Spaces are limited, so please let us know if you’re coming by messaging us ahead of time or emailing Thank you!






Year 6 Steel Band play Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This past term in our music classes, we studied various styles of music such as Jazz, Blues and Reggae. As part of their learning, the children did an in depth study of Somewhere Over the Rainbow in the style of Israel Kamakawaiwo’ole, and learned about the major and minor chord progressions and to play a reggae style beat. The children worked really hard to perfect this piece on the steel drums and keyboard to play for their graduation ceremony.

Talented alumni returns to dance at Provo Primary

dancescapes-2016 (5)Last week we were transported back in time as Ryesha Higgs and Dancescapes, came to Provo Primary to dance for us. Ryesha graduated from Provo Primary in 2008 and as she performed her dance, we remembered vividly, the talented little girl, who so enjoyed singing, music and dance and  performing on stage while she was with us. It was truly wonderful to witness the now graceful young woman on the same stage, following her passion for the arts.

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Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) Meeting Tonight

KS3-provo-primary-starting-A reminder to all that we invite you to attend our Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) Meeting tonight at 6.30pm at Provo Primary School.
If you are looking for an alternative secondary school education that offers an exciting and challenging curriculum for your child, which follows on from the ethos of Provo Primary, come along at 6.30pm this evening.
All families interested in learning more about our school expansion are welcome.

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Tickets on Sale for our Family Evening of Fun

school-scholarship-fundraiser-2015-1Join us on Saturday 21st March for an evening of family fun, and support us in raising funds for our scholarship programme.

Enjoy live music with Pat Riel, view children’s art, bounce on our bouncy castle and play family games together.

Door Tickets are $15 per Person or $50 per Family (Mexican buffet included) Cash Bar.

Raffle Tickets $10 (Currently on sale) Prizes include: One Night stay at Parrot Cay, Two night stay at Villa Del Mar, Dinner for 2 at Beach House, Gansevoort, Blue Haven, Blue, Big Blue and Hemingway Gift Vouchers.

Scholarship Pledge Prize: Make a pledge to enter the chance to win a cruise on Addenda, a 40ft Hinckley Luxury Cruiser, for up to 8 guests.

All proceeds will benefit Provo Primary’s Scholarship Fund.   

A Family Evening of Fun

scholarship-family-fun-mar-2015Join us on Saturday 21st March for an evening of family fun, and support us in raising funds for our scholarship programme.

Enjoy live music with Pat Riel, view children’s art, bounce on our bouncy castle and play family games together.

Door Tickets are $15 per Person or $50 per Family (Mexican buffet included) Cash Bar.

Raffle Tickets $10 (Currently on sale) Prizes include: One Night stay at Parrot Cay, Two night stay at Villa Del Mar, Dinner for 2 at Beach House, Gansevoort, Blue Haven, Blue, Big Blue and Hemingway Gift Vouchers.

Scholarship Pledge Prize: Make a pledge to enter the chance to win a cruise on Addenda, a 40ft Hinckley Luxury Cruiser, for up to 8 guests.

All proceeds will benefit Provo Primary’s Scholarship Fund.   

Our very first Flamingos and Chicks sessions have been a HUGE success

flamingos-chicks-sept-2014-4Our very first Flamingo and Chicks sessions have been a HUGE success.

The toddler chicks have been enjoying an outdoor play time, sand and water play and have made a paper plate flamingo craft using paints and tissue paper.

They have tumbled around in soft play and joined for a circle times of songs and instruments and a stories. Parent Flamingos have seemed to be very happy with the morning activities and our Toddler Chicks certainly have been having fun!

To find out more about our sessions, please see this poster and contact Alison at 431 6327.

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Our quail have hatched!

quails--02-10-14-1quails--02-10-14There’s a lot of excitement at Provo Primary School this morning as our quail are finally hatching. 13 have hatched, two are hatching and there are a few more yet to pop out. We have to move them from their birth home (an incubator) to a temporary home where they’ll stay until they’re big enough to join our other quail in their coop.

Our chicken eggs are due to hatch in about 3-4 days. Let’s see if chickens are better time keepers than quail!