We are googly about googly eyed learning in Year 1.

We are googly about googly eyed learning in Year 1.

Would you believe that you can use googly eyes for more than just googly eyed faces?  This week, Year 1 discovered that you can do maths (!!!) using these jiggly critters!

After becoming pretty successful at addition and subtraction equations, Year 1 upped their game and began to look at multiplication! We first began rote counting in 10s, then realising we were pretty good at that, progressed to 5s then after that we rocketed to counting in 2s!  Now, when it came to solving multiplication equations and  word problems, we discovered that googly eyes come in pairs…what better resource is there to help us work out two times table questions?
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It’s superhero time…AGAIN!

Last week, Year 1 and Year 2 were lucky enough to be surprised by community Superhero, Dr Jo.  She gave us an amazing insight into what it takes to be a Superhero Doctor.  Would you believe that this week, we had another surprise Community Superhero come to Provo Primary School?!  Firefighter Gula arrived in his Fire engine to talk to us about how he serves the community, along with other men and women, as a member of the Turks and Caicos Fire and Rescue Service.

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Superhero Landscapes

It’s all about Superheroes in Y1 and Y2 at Provo Primary School this term and we are flying into it faster than Superman!

This week, Year 1 were looking at Numicon as part of their math lesson, when we made a startling discovery!  Their shapes could be put together to look a lot like the superhero city landscape setting in our Superheroes Headquarters.  Well, you can guess what happened next…we got very excited and created a whole class landscape using all the numicon we had!  It was pretty large (see the pictures!).  And it didn’t end there…

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What a lovely belated Christmas treat!

This week, the Year 1s had a lovely surprise when the Year 6s invited them to listen to their Christmas stories.  Year 6 had worked hard researching, planning, writing, editing, publishing and illustrating their very own Christmas stories and the Year 1 class were a willing audience.

In pairs, the Year 6s patiently read their stories to the Year 1s who enjoyed hearing all about the adventures of elves, reindeer, Santa and his sleigh.  Despite it being a little after Christmas, the stories sparked lots of conversations about the lovely holiday season the children had all had.

We look forward to lots more joint year group activities as the year goes on!

Thank you Mr Jason and the Year 6s!

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Bonfire Night Celebrations in Year 1

As part of our Celebrations topics, Year 1 and 2 have so far enjoyed learning about Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Diwali.

In the lead up to November 5th (Remember, remember the 5thof November…), the Year 1 children became aware that there were a number of safety concerns that should be considered before enjoying the annual celebrations at Bay Bistro.  Working independently and in pairs, Hummingbird class took the time to make safety posters, detailing things to be avoided, what to look out for and how to look after yourself in the dark environment.  The year 1’s enjoyed making BOLD titles, using number bullet points, bright colours and pictures to make their posters easy to read and accessible to all ages.


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Happy 50th Birthday Letterland!

As lots of you know, Year 1 LOOOOOOOOVE Letterland!  We have embraced EVERYTHING Letterland…including our Christmas Show last year.  In case you didn’t hear about it, we performed a story about how Red Robot tried to ruin the Letterland Christmas show by stealing all the character’s props!

The Year 1’s continue to talk about the Christmas Show, often referring to the letter they played and the costumes they wore.  Sooooooo, when we heard it was Letterland’s 50th birthday, we knew we had to join in the celebrations.

People all over the world have been invited to send in videos of themselves singing ‘Happy Birthday’…well…we thought it would be lovely to go down to Grace Bay Beach here in the Turks and Caicos and do a little performance.  What could be better than the backdrop of the Number 1 beach in the world*?

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Celebrating World Turtle Day in Senior Kindergarten

Did you know that yesterday, Wednesday 23rd May was World Turtle Day? Well, the SK children at Provo Primary School certainly did!

Already a very animal and environment conscious class, SK took the time to really think about why turtles are so special. We discussed how lucky we are to live in a place where we can go to the beach, particularly Smiths Reef and Coral Gardens, and spot turtles from the shore… or, even better, go for a snorkel and watch them feeding on the sea grass.

We enjoyed thinking about all the great things about turtles, however, we also began to think about how much danger they are in. From climate change to habitat loss and being caught in fish lines and nets, it is not surprising that 5 out of the 7 species of turtles are endangered.

Amy from DECR (Department of Coastal Resources) visited us and gave us an insight as to how our actions effect marine life. She read ‘The Tale of the Turtle and the Plastic Jellyfish’ by Sarah Nelms.  [Read more…]

It’s Art-osaurus Time in SK!

This term SK have been learning all about dinosaurs!  We have researched their names, features, environments, characteristics and evolution… we’re pretty much dinosaur experts!

This week, we used an art book to teach us how to draw and paint our favourite dinosaurs.  We discovered you have to draw them in steps, starting from the head, then you add the neck, body and legs.  Of course, paleontologists cannot be 100% sure what colours each species of dinosaur was, so we made our own interpretations.

After completing our pencil drawings, we took the time to mix water colour paints and carefully decorate our dinosaurs.  Can you see the stripes, spots and patterns in our pictures?

At first, we thought we were just doing an art activity, then we realised that we were actually practising our fine motor skills as we carefully mixed and painted our water colours.  Would you believe we practised them again when we cut our dinosaurs out using the art scissors?  Finally, using the phonices we have learned this year, we labelled our pictures with the dinosaurs’ names.  We think that maybe Miss Claire tricked us into ‘thinking’ we were just drawing and painting, when really we were practising so many other skills too!

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There’s something fishy going on in SK…

It was a first time experience for many of the Senior Kindergarten class last week when Miss Laranda showed us something quite unique.  After learning all about South Caicos and the other islands in the Turks and Caicos, Miss Laranda gave us an amazing insight as to how local fish make it from the ocean on to our plates.

Miss Laranda brought in a grouper caught in South Caicos by her father and set about the process of making it into fish fingers.  Using the newly refurbished school garden, Miss Laranda thoroughly cleaned the fish, sliced off the skin and took the opportunity to show us the different parts of the fish.

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Musical Masters in Senior Kindergarten

At Provo Primary School, we aim to provide our early years children with the tools to be able to achieve the three characteristics of effective learning…Playing and Exploring; Active Learning and Creating and Thinking Critically.  There are lots of ways to achieve this and here is just one of our wow moments…

Have a listen to the children’s beat and rhythm in the nursery rhymes and the traditional Turks and Caicos Islands songs, accompanied by junkanoo inspired instruments.

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Mummies are Marvelous!

We all know that mummies are very special ladies.  So, this Mother’s Day, Kindergarten class, decided to show them just how much they mean to us by throwing them an Afternoon Tea Party.

In preparation for our special afternoon, we made Mother’s Day bookmarks, crowns and completed questionnaires all about our mummies.  When they arrived, they were fitted with their crowns (so we could treat them like queens) and shown into the transformed classroom.  Decorated with paper chains, flowers (made by the children) and messages of love, the mummies really were shocked by how different the room looked.




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Kindergarten’s Wonderful Garden Visit

What a fantastic start to kick off Kindergarten’s new topic Roots, shoots and leaves.  Kindergarten were lucky enough to receive an invitation to visit an amazing garden belonging to one of our families.  In case you didn’t know they have a garden that is full of seeds, vegetables, plants, trees and compost.

The first part of our garden tour included an explanation of what the different parts of a plant were.  Lots of us discovered they have roots, stems, leaves and flowers.  We also talked about what a plant needs to grow…water, nutrients, light and carbon dioxide!

Then we got to smell, touch and taste some of the plants they grow and also got to plant some seeds… [Read more…]

Education Week with a Spanish Twist

Once again Education Week was a fantastic success in Early Years. With a great number of parents coming to see their child’s progress throughout Education week, SK decided to take the opportunity to showcase not only their most recent Talk4Writing story, The Enormous Turnip, but the previous ones too – The Three Little Pigs and The Little Red Hen. One of the major elements the children have enjoyed when learning the Talk4Writing stories is the opportunity to practise it in Spanish too. With our talented Spanish teacher, Mrs. Yorka, the SK class can not only name the single nouns such as animals and people in the stories, but elements of story telling language as well. What makes this even more exciting is that for some of these children, they are learning another language in school in addition to already speaking two or even three languages at home. They really are a talented bunch! Please take the time to watch our video of the children performing La Gallinita Roja (The Little Red Hen) in Spanish.

Kindergarten begin their day relaxed and focused

This week in Kindergarten we got to enjoy our first experience of yoga.  With relaxing music playing in the background, we followed Ms. Shara as she showed us breathing exercises to calm our heart rate.  Then with careful explanation and instruction, we practised child’s pose, cat, down dog, cobra and pigeon.

Maybe you can spot the children holding some of these yoga poses in the photos.

We are enjoying it so much that we are trying to practise yoga first thing in the morning so we are relaxed and focused ready for the day ahead. [Read more…]

Our Kindergarten are using iPads to enhance their phonic learning

k-ipad-phonics-nov-2010-3Do you remember what is was like when you first started to read and write? Did it involve looking at a blackboard and copying letters into your book? Well, that’s not how we do it at Provo Primary School!

We use lots of different interactive, kinesthetic, physical and visual aids to help us review, learn, practise and apply our phonics learning. We are lucky enough to have class sets of iPads that we use to help us learn the new sounds that Miss Claire teaches us each day in our phonics lessons. We really enjoy using the Letterland app to look at each Letterland character; listen to each character’s story and practice the formation of the letter. Aaaaaaand because we know how to turn on the iPad, find the app, open it, choose the letter, change the colour of pen and erase any mistakes all by ourselves… Miss Claire can sit back and relax… well, watch and help us if we get stuck and give us high fives when we get it right! Phonics is fun in SK… why don’t you pop by and see what it’s all about! [Read more…]

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the doors of a Kindergarten classroom? Well, we’ll let you into a secret…some pretty fun stuff!

k-class-oct-2016-15In Provo Primary’s Kindergarten class our teachers like to give us lots of things to play with!  We like to investigate, explore, create and think about all the things that are around us.

This means we get to choose to do a bit of everything!  Lots of us spend time outside…we like playing with the Pre-schoolers and Toddlers and showing them what to do and playing with the Year 1 and 2s too.  Some of us are actors, who use puppets to put on shows for our friends, while others are computer whizzes who turn on the computer and find their favourite programme to listen to stories.  We are a class of artists who love to manipulate the playdough and mix paints to create new colours.  There are engineers who build spaceships and architects who plan and make houses for the duplo people.  And while all this is going on, there are a few of us who like to just kick back and relax with a book.

We love that we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to use play to aid our learning so if you get a chance, pop in and see what all the hype is about!

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Early Years Celebrates National Heritage Day

ey-national-heritage-oct-2016-24This year the Early Years team decided to make National Heritage Day a week long celebration.  We each looked at different parts of our Turks and Caicos heritage and completed some pretty awesome outfits, dances and songs related to it.

Click on to read all about it and to see all of our photos.



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Is that Floppy?

k-floopy-oct-2016-9Would you believe that Floppy, the dog, lives here in the Turks and Caicos Islands?  Well, he does and today he came to visit Kindergarten!

We have recently been learning all about the Oxford Reading Tree characters – Biff, Chip, Kipper, Wilf, Wilma etc.  They go on many adventures and get into lots of scrapes and silly predicaments.  As many of you know, Floppy is the dog who accompanies the children on all their journeys.

Anyway, by complete surprise Ms. Alison came into the classroom this afternoon with Floppy in tow!  She told us all about how Floppy likes to eat treats, walk on the beach and spend his time being scratched and tickled.  The children got to ask Floppy lots of questions, brush his fur and take him for a walk around the classroom.

We all enjoyed seeing a real character from one of our favourite series of books.  Take a look at https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/ to read, listen to and watch some of the gang’s adventures.

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Celebrating the ‘Week of the Young Child’ 2016

mother-goose-oct-2016-1What a fantastic week it has been with all the children in Early Years joining in the celebration of Early Childhood Education Department’s TCI ‘Week of the Young Child’.  See a video of some of our young toddlers singing Humpty Dumpty.

Throughout the week the children in Early Years got the chance to experience and enjoy one of the Week of the Young Child’s themes – Mother Goose!  The idea being that ‘reciting and singing of nursery rhymes help to train children’s memory’.  So we all chose one of Mother Goose’s traditional nursery rhymes and completed special activities around it.




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Year 1 and 2 take action for World Environment Day

world-environment-day-2016Last Sunday saw the 42nd World Environment Day.  It is observed every year on the 5th June and “aims to inspire more people than ever before to take action to prevent the growing strain on planet Earth’s natural systems from reaching the breaking point.” (http://www.un.org/en/events/environmentday/)

Y1 and Y2 were inspired to take action and decided to do a “Provo Primary Clean Up”.  So, armed with plastic bags and lots of determination, the Key Stage One children went about picking up litter from around school environment.  We feel that we are pretty good at not creating litter, but we are sad to say that we found lots of little pieces of litter, the main offender being plastic!  Plastic drink draw wrappers, plastic food wrappers and plastic bags had all been blown (we suspect) into the bushes that make up parts of our playground.  We worked really hard and are pretty sure we collected almost all of the litter.

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It’s all out and about in Year 1 and 2’s Outdoor Education P.E. this term

yr-1-2-outdoor-ed-pe (11)Teamwork, communication, patience and cooperation are just some of the skills Year 1 and Year 2 have been putting into practice this term.  More specifically, we have been using them in our joint Outdoor and Adventurous Education P.E. lessons.  Year 1s and 2s were put into mixed groups and given the task of completing a 2D birds-eye view of our very own school, Provo Primary School.  Miss Tracy and Miss Claire had already drawn in the buildings, but which way up did the map go?  Which building was which?  Where was all the outdoor equipment?

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Year 2 are definitely not ‘dragon’ their feet in our poetry lessons

yr-2-dragon-poetry-march-2016This week Osprey class have become poets and used the story of ‘George and the Dragon’ as their inspiration… well, the dragon in particular. After painting and decorating our own dragons, we used them as our focus for a variety of different poetry styles.

We first wrote poems using descriptive language, in particular similes. Did you know a simile is when you compare one thing to another? When you read our poems you will spot them as quick as lightning.

After that we used our senses to describe our dragons…we thought about what we would see, hear, smell, feel and taste if we met a real life dragon.

And then finally we thought about the dragon we sometimes feel ‘inside of us’ and how we would describe it.

We hope you enjoy reading our poems and please do pop in to see the rest of our work.

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Year 2 are all in a flap (jack) about measuring

yr-2-flap-jacks (4)As part of our maths topic last week we had been learning to measure weight using scales, so what better way to put our skills into practice than measuring and weighing out ingredients?

We started off the week using a balance, finding objects that were heavier, lighter and the same, as a given weight. We then learnt how to read the amount on different measuring scales. After measuring the weight of various items around the classroom, including our shoes, we decided we were ready for the serious stuff!

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Year 2 write missing blurbs for Eric Carle’s books

As part of our new Y2 Minibeast topic, we have looked at many books by acclaimed and beloved author and illustrator, Eric Carle. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, his best known work is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Did you know that he has also illustrated more than seventy books, most of which he wrote himself?

Mrs. Rachel’s has an extensive collection so we have been fortunate to be able to read many of his books. Some of them fit perfectly with our topic include The Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Quiet Cricket and The Very Busy Spider.

After A LOT of reading, we discovered that quite a few of Carle’s books don’t have blurbs (a short description of a book appearing on the back cover).  This is something that we look at every time we read a new book, so we took it upon ourselves to write some for him.

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Year 2’s Outstanding ‘Open House’

yr-2-open-house-nov-2015 (7)After a fantastic first term in Y2, Osprey class decided it would be a great opportunity to show off all their hard work to their parents.

After many weeks learning about ourselves and completing tasks individually, in small groups and as a whole class it was time to celebrate how much we had achieved since September.

Some of the things we have enjoyed:

  • Creating a self portrait (see previous Y2 Blog)
  • Naming and labelling the continents and oceans that surround us and where we were born
  • Story telling about our homes
  • Learning ‘how to fill a bucket’ (why not read Have you filled a bucket today? by Carol McCloud and you’ll know what we’re talking about!)
  • And many many other things!

So our parents came along for an open house and we think they thoroughly enjoyed looking through our books, at our work on display and seeing exactly what we had been up to in Y2. We look forward to welcoming them again soon!

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