Music in Grade Four

Grade Four love playing the steel drums during their music lessons. They have learnt the names and roles of the different drums, as well as memorizing some of the chords which they have to play.

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Grade Four Visit Cheshire Halls

Before Spring Break, the Grade Four children enjoyed a trip to Cheshire Halls. Cheshire Halls is a 200 year-old ruin of a former cotton plantation. The National Trust has carefully preserved the site so that it stays as one of Providenciales’ key historic attractions.

The children had a fun and informative tour (and a free Birds of TCI calendar). They especially enjoyed smelling and tasting some of the fresh herbs which still grow on the estate. [Read more…]

Grade Four's Adventures with Beowulf

Grade Four have been reading all about the exciting adventures of Beowulf, the Dragon Slayer by Rosemary Sutcliff. They really enjoyed reading together and learning lots of new vocabulary. They were so addicted to the book, that they experimented with lots of different writing styles.


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