FortisTCI National Science and Technology Fair 1st Place Winners, 2017

A proud moment for Provo Primary when our Science Team were announced 1st place winners in the FortisTCI Annual National Science and Technology Fair Science Project competition.

Congratulations to all our amazing students involved and to our incredible team leader, Mr. Jason (our Year 6 teacher and Science Fair / Quiz Coordinator this year).  We were particularly proud of the students knowledge of the experiment, their use of scientific language and advanced level of understanding during their presentation before the judges. Well done everyone for all your hard work and effort and thank you to all who have supported them along the way.

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Provo Primary Summer Camp 2016

summer-camp-logo-1‘Come Dine with Me’ and ‘Crazy Creations’.  Starting Monday 4th July  Provo Primary is offering a wide range of amazing camp programmes to keep your 2-12 year old child learning, active and having fun during the summer:

Come Dine with Me (6 – 12 year olds)

Crazy Creations (2 – 5 year olds)

Flamingoes & Chicks Sessions (0 – 2 yrs) (returing soon)

Click on the links above to see more details and to register your child today.  More details are below as well.

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Challenging every child to reach their own unique potential

Our main goal is to develop well-rounded, happy children. We believe that children have a unique combination of learning styles and multiple intelligences. We strive to recognise and nurture each child’s inherent abilities and emerging strengths, whilst also supporting their weaknesses. We provide as many opportunities as possible for our gifted and talented children to develop their strengths and we offer learning support to children who may need extra help.

Learning through Play

All children have a natural desire to learn and do so at their own individual pace. We aim to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment, where young children happily learn through play, exploring and developing their own relationships, building on experiences and learning new skills.

Offering a rich, imaginative and inspiring curriculum

We believe that children become self motivated when they see purpose in their learning and are given some control over planning and developing activities. We offer a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, which is supported by a wide range of extra-curricular activities and events. We have a belief that whilst we always strive to reach the highest possible academic standards, we must not lose sight of the wide ranging enjoyment that a primary school should provide. Our aim is to provide “learning and achieving through experience and enjoyment”.

Drama and Theatre Arts

Drama offers children the chance to develop their creativity. It also develops confidence to perform on stage and in everyday life.

Striving for Excellence in the Core Subjects

Our dedicated, highly skilled teachers strive for excellence in three ‘core’ subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, to ensure that the foundations of literacy, numeracy and scientific investigation are thoroughly laid.


Music is an integral part of our school. Creating and performing music helps children express themselves creatively and we offer those who are talented in this area the opportunity to enjoy and develop their interest.

Computer Technology

Using technology to enhance and extend teaching and learning across the whole curriculum.

Our use of tablets, computers, interactive whiteboards and projectors enable us to access the latest technology and educational resources from around the world.

Children access digital cameras and programmable toys.  They learn to use Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Microsoft Office, together with a range of other software, to explore, create and enhance their work.


Success in physical education enhances achievement in other areas of learning. It builds self-esteem, motivation, co-operation and concentration and provides a foundation for a healthy lifestyle which we hope will continue for a lifetime. We are fortunate to access a range of world-class facilities for our Physical Education programme including The Graceway Sports Centre, Tennis Courts, Fifa football pitch and community pool.

Creative, hands on learning

Our creative environment supports different styles of teaching and learning across the curriculum in all subjects. Interesting activities make learning meaningful and fun. They nurture creativity and imagination by encouraging knowledge, control of materials and a command of ideas.

Opening doors of opportunity, fostering responsibility, independence, courage and trust

We provide an friendly community environment where parents, children and staff are given the freedom to learn, to grow and be innovative. Our children are made to feel important for who they are.  They are encouraged to look at themselves honestly, to evaluate their own needs clearly in order to set personal goals, to make decisions responsibly and to think for themselves.

Developing a sense of global citizenship

Citizenship is a way of thinking and behaving. It is an outlook on life, a belief that we can make a difference.

Education plays a vital role in helping children and young people recognize their contribution and responsibilities as citizens of this global community and equipping them with the skills to make informed decisions and take responsible actions.

At Provo Primary we give children the opportunity to develop their understanding of the need to tackle injustice and inequality, and to have the desire and ability to work actively to do so.  Our outreach programmes have included assisting neighboring schools in The Turks and Caicos Islands, Hurricane Relief, The Earthquake in Haiti, supporting charities and helping our local children’s home and also a children’s home in Haiti, to mention just a few.

Our celebrations of Earth day and other events help children to value the Earth as precious and unique, and to see the need to look after it.

Empowering children and encouraging care and concern for others

At our school, the feelings, needs, and ideas of each person are respected. We hope that every child who has been a part of our school will remember and build upon the inspiration and learning experiences they have gained from their teachers and fellow students.

Children are taught to express their feelings and talk about how their actions may have affected themselves or others.  We help children to see that they have power, control and responsibility over themselves in their lives.

Team Building

Working together forms an important part of collaborate learning both in and outside the classroom.

Our classrooms

Bright and cheerful classrooms stimulate children’s minds and help them to want to learn.  All classes are well-resourced and air conditioned for comfort.