Primary Curriculum and Classes

Finding quality education is an important consideration and we would like to assure parents that their children will receive a well-balanced, high standard of education here at Provo Primary School.

Our goal is to combine excellence in teaching with enjoyment of learning.  We have created a unique curriculum that is based on the framework of the British Primary Curriculum and which encompasses our philosophy.  We have adapted this to suit our children and the context in which they work.

We  aim to:

  • take ownership of our curriculum and adapt it, along with our physical environment, to the needs of our children, to our locality and our international diverse community.  We are fully inclusive and happy to consider supporting learners with diverse needs.
  • develop the distinctive character of our school, building on existing strengths and working closely with the community;
  • be creative and innovative in how we teach and in how we run the school;
  • combine subjects through meaningful topics that nurture children’s curiosity for learning.
  • use assessments and targets to help every child develop to their true potential and to measure school performance.
  • help children form mind habits that will allow them to grow up and flourish in our 21st century TCI and worldwide arena.

In Years 1-6 we follow a topic-based, creative curriculum. This approach links all subjects through a central theme that classes explore together over a half or full term. By centring learning on one topic area, children learn to apply their newly acquired skills in a meaningful and purposeful ways across the curriculum. Children learn to adopt a multi-disciplined approach to their work in order to research, investigate, reason and inquire.

See our latest topic maps below:

Newsletters & Topic Maps, 2015-2016

We have classes throughout the school from Toddlers to Year 6.


Our Classes

England and Wales Equivalents

USA / Canada Equivalents
Toddlers / Preschool
1 – 2 years / 2 – 3 years
Junior Kindergarten
3 – 4 years
4 – 5 years
 Pre-School/ Junior Kindergarten
Year 1
5 – 6 years
Year 1
Kindergarten/ Senior Kindergarten
Year 2
6 – 7 years
Year 2
Grade 1
Year 3
7 – 8 years
Year 3
Grade 2
Year 4
8 – 9 years
Year 4
Grade 3
Year 5
9 – 10 years
Year 5
Grade 4
Year 6
10 – 11 years
Year 6
Grade 5