We welcome children into our Pre-school programme from 2 years of age.
The day begins between 8.15 – 8:30 A.M when children are brought to their classroom and playground area and are greeted by their teachers and other children. Our Pre-school day ends at 12:00am.  There is also an optional full day programme for this age group.

Pre-school Curriculum

Our programme follows the UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum guidelines (Development Matters) and incorporates a range of different approaches towards learning such as High Scope and Montessori. It is with the Early Years Foundation Stage’s developmental areas in mind, that our school day, activities and assessments are based.


Our Room

Our room offers a range of quiet and physical activities appropriate for this age group. One part of the room is equipped with table top activities such as art and crafts, puzzles and games. It houses a book area, home corner and a range of fine motor activities. The other part of the the room is fully equipped with a range of exciting soft play equipment and activities to keep the children fully engaged. The classroom is air conditioned to ensure that the children are comfortable at all times.

Our outdoor area offers children the opportunity to practice their gross motor skills whilst having fun and interacting with each other on a range of bikes, swings and climbing apparatus.


Our Daily Routine

A daily plan will include the following:
-Outdoor play and settling in time
-Circle, singing and story time
-Arts and craft activities
-Healthy snack time (provided by parents)
-Gymboree tumble time in our soft play air conditioned area
-Role play
-Puzzles and games
-Outdoor play
-Pick up


Topic themes are introduced for the class to explore together, helping to make learning fun and meaningful.  See our latest topic plans.


What to Bring:

All children should bring with them plenty of water to drink, milk or 100% juice, healthy snacks including a piece of fruit and vegetables. A change of clothes should also be provided along with the necessary diapers, wipes etc.

A packed lunch should be provided if staying for the whole day. Children will have their packed lunch when the morning children have gone home, followed by an outdoor activity time and a nap. Upon waking, the children engage in a variety of play and learning activities, until pick up at 3PM.