After School Clubs, Trips & Camps

After School Clubs

At the heart of our ambition for Provo Primary School is our commitment to providing the very best for all children to enjoy and achieve. This includes having the widest possible range of opportunities both within and beyond the curriculum.  After-school clubs are a fantastic way of achieving this and we are excited to offer a wide range of clubs, run by teachers, community members and affliated programmes – all with a view to increasing the range of experiences that children have. Activities are designed to be fun and cater for a wide variety of interests and ages.  They are open to both Provo Primary students and community children alike.

We provide a number of enrichment leisure and learning opportunities for our children after school. Our after school programmes run from 3.15PM to 4.00PM, for an additional charge. Activities vary each term and popular clubs include those relating to Sports, Theatre Arts, Music, Arts and Crafts, and ICT.  We have a homework club for children in Years 3 and up and additional one-one tuition is also available upon request.


Residential Field Trips

Classroom learning experiences are enhanced by numerous field trips which serve as extensions to the curriculum.  Alongside field trips that take place during the school day, we also organise residential field trips for our older students.  We feel that these integrate academic and social development by providing students with an opportunity to investigate and apply academic knowledge to the outside world as well as develop their personal and social skills, through a broad range of activities.
In the past residential trips have included a Year 5/6 trip to England, a year 6/7 trip to Orlando, USA, a Year 6 trip to Georgia, USA, a Year 6 trip to Salt Cay and Grand Turk, Year 6 trip to the Dominican Republic.

Year 6 in the Dominican Republic – June 2018

Year 7 news from the Adirondacks

Holiday Camps

Christmas and Easter Camps are normally school based and consist of Arts and Crafts, Music, Drama and Dance activities.  Our Summer Camp is a much bigger programme, with a larger variety of events, including some off campus adventures.

Easter Camp:  Provo Primary School is offering an Easter Camp from the 26th March to 5th April. Children will enjoy a range of daily fun on-campus activities, including:  Spring-themed arts and crafts, soft play, construction play, role play and outdoor play.


Summer  Camp: Summer Camp activities can include: Sports, Swimming, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Sailing, Horse-riding, Roller-blading, Roller Hockey, Canoeing, Music, Drama, Dance, Art, local field trips, environmental projects and camping expeditions.

Summer Camp generally runs at the beginning of July.  School based activities are also offered to our younger campers (2-5 year olds).  Our camps are open to students from other schools, although first priority is given to our students.

Info about Summer Camps 2019