A Firework Frenzy in SK

Do you Remember, remember the 5th November?

The SK children learned a little bit about what is special about this date before our Bonfire Night party at Bay Bistro. We talked about how to stay safe by not going near the fire and standing back to watch the fireworks. We talked about how fireworks are used to celebrate other festivals and events such as Diwali – the festival of light, 4th July, the start of a New Year in many countries, weddings and even special birthdays.

The children thought about all the warm colours that they would see in the bonfire and they used these colours to create a wonderful display of red, orange and yellow stripy paintings. It really brightens our classroom up and makes us feel happy.

We then focused on the beautiful firework display that goes along with the bonfire.

SK looked at all the different colours and shapes that can be seen in fireworks. The children enjoyed recreating the noises that they make too!

We all had a go at making our own firework patterns by experimenting with colourful circles, squares, triangles, hexagons and diamonds to create our own firework explosions. We cut out circles of black paper to represent the night sky and made our patterns on these circles.

Take a look at the amazing patterns that the SK children came up with. I hope you agree that together their patterns could make the most spectacular firework display.


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