A wonderful afternoon of cardboard creativity!

Inspired by ‘Caine’s Arcade,’ and with access to a HUGE pile of cardboard, a large crowd of creative thinkers and designers descended on the school this Sunday for an afternoon of good, old-fashioned family fun!

An amazing array of cardboard creations emerged, with each family making something completely different to everyone else!  With a lemonade stand and popsicles to keep us hydrated, the only thirst we felt was to think outside the box, create and play!

Here’s a selection of few of the almost 100 photos of the day!

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Monday was the official ‘Play Day’ with the whole school excited to see the cardboard playground on their arrival.  Come snack and lunch play, the creations certainly were given the full test of playability!  Everyone had so much fun!  Check out some of the action on this short video below:

Sadly, the rain today has brought a soggy end to our cardboard extravaganza but we are already looking forward to next year and the opportunity to create once more! That’s if, by popular demand – and a truck full of cardboard, we don’t have another one sooner!

Thanks Caine for inspiring us!

Check out all the photos of the day here!  Thank you Liz for taking all these to remember our day by.  Thanks also to our Lemonade stand children who raised $75 that will go to the school scholarship fund.  The popsicles were a welcome refreshment too, Mark – thank you.

The aims of the Cardboard challenge event were that it would:

  • engage children in creative play;
  • foster creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, perseverance and teamwork;
  • give children an opportunity to explore their interests and passions, and make things that have an impact on others;
  • provide a platform for communities to actively foster and celebrate child creativity;
  • increase global happiness and makes for a happier, more playful world;
  • be FUN!

I’m confident that every family who came along will agree that these aims were achieved!

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