Ahoy there!

Year 2 have started their Land Ahoy topic off with a great start!  We have gone slightly pirate crazy but amazing work is currently being designed, filmed, created, produced and even sewn!

We have some big projects that we are working on in class. One of them being a class stop animation of a pirate poem. Stop animation is a film process that allows the illusion of inanimate objects seemingly move on their own. So far, we have painted our back drops, created a pirate ship and started to build our main characters out of playdough. In order to create a successful animation, the children must take at least 12 photos for every single second of the film – that’s a lot of photos! We have enjoyed watching Morph and Wallace and Gromit as inspiration for our up – coming film.

Our second on going project is a DT sewing project where the children have been busy designing and sewing a pirate hand puppet. So far, the children have enjoyed learning how to join two pieces of felt together by sewing a blanket stitch, kindly and patiently taught by Mrs. Claire! The puppets are slowly taking place with each child mastering the blanket stitch creating the beginnings of some exciting puppets.

As if that wasn’t enough, we are currently in the middle of writing our own pirate fantasy stories. Like the superhero stories we wrote in February, we first learnt the Talk4Writing Pie Corbett story before editing and making our own version – changing the characters and language used to make our story more imaginative than the original one. This story is the perfect opportunity to include all the grammar and punctuation that we have learnt this year.

We cannot wait to share with you all of our hard work!


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