Ancient Egyptian Art work in Year 3

Year 3 have been super busy using different mediums to explore some of the historical elements of Ancient Egypt.

We used water colour pencils to draw and paint our 3D pyramids.

We used wax crayons to design and colour our sarcophagus and two other inner coffins –  ekk!

We used oil pastels to design and decorate our own beautiful ancient Egyptian head dresses.

And finally, we used pencil and coloured markers to decorate our own portraits masks. Can you guess who is who?

Check out the photos to see some of the wonderful pieces of art work created by all.

We have learned lots of techniques related to how to use each of these mediums.

Working on these projects, we’ve approached them independently and collaboratively,  explored mathematical patterns and shapes,  considered size and perspective and reflected on our self-image and personal choices.  Can you imagine all the rich language we shared when talking about our art work.  There are so many learning opportunities while having fun with art!

We hope you enjoy see all of it… as there will be more to come!

Well done Year 3.

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