Anti-Bullying Photo Stories by Year 6

As part of their work in PSHE and Literacy, Year 6 have been discussing important issues surrounding the topic of bullying.  They have discovered that bullying comes in many forms; verbal, physical, emotional, indirect and cyber to name a few.  They have also explored case studies depicting situations at school in which bullying occurred.  This provided ample opportunities to discuss why bullying was happening; the impact it was having on the victim; and most importantly what was being done to stop or prevent from it surfacing again.

To complement this scheme of work, Year 6 students devised and redrafted independent bullying stories.  The stories had to portray a fictional scenario in school; or at home when bullying could take place.

The story could be told from the point of view of the bully or the victim, but it had to portray a strong anti-bullying message within the conclusion. When this was completed the students were paired with another member of the class.  They had to share their bullying stories and negotiate which one would be used to create a photo story.  Using the school iPads, the students captured their chosen stories through photographs.  This required lots of class participation as students had to help other groups by performing so that photographs could be captured.  Effective collaboration was key in order to meet the objectives of this task.  And Year 6 did exactly that!  Impressive group work was finalised in order to portray very important messages concerning bullying.  Included within this blog are some photos which were captured by the students to represent an element of their bullying story.  We have put a label across them to say that they are anti-bullying images.  Why do you think we felt we needed to do this?


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