Collaborating with a leader in the field of Mindfulness

We were very fortunate to have Michael Apollo, lecturer in Mindfulness at The University of Toronto, join us via a Zoom meeting for a wonderful session on ‘Mindfulness for Teacher Resilience, Wellbeing and Communication’ during our Professional Development Teacher Training days this year.  We felt very inspired,  keen to incorporate mindful pauses into our busy days and excited to  share ideas he offered with our classes.

This was just an introduction to our year of working collaboratively with Michael.  Amazingly, he will join us on island in November to offer workshops for our teachers, students and parents.  Plan ahead and schedule time to be able to join us for his parent session at 1:30pm PM – 5:00 PM on Wednesday 6th November. You won’t want to miss this!

We are truly grateful that Michael Apollo will be working with Provo Primary and Middle School children, parents and teachers throughout the upcoming year and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Deborah, John and Melissa Roy for their generosity in sponsoring this amazing initiative.


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