Congratulations to our Graduating Year 6 of 2019

Congratulation to our Graduating Class of 2019s. 

Year 6, I know I speak for everyone when I say, we are so proud of you today. As you move on to the next stage in your life, please keep writing down your goals and continue to do what excites and inspires you. Know that you are the architect or author of your life. Think creatively, interact with people who share or support your visions, and go out there and achieve your goals. Most of all, be HAPPY, continue being YOU and be the best version of yourself that you can be!

I love to ask children about their life goals at various times throughout their time in school, and I recently asked our Year 6 class to write down theirs, which I thought you’d like to hear.   Here are their combined Life goals:

They’d like to be: a scientist to help with global warming knowing that they’ve helped the world, a dog trainer, a hockey player because they’re pretty good at it, a lawyer as they like solving problems, an author for their entire life and make lots of money until they die, a goalie in hockey, a car or motorcycle engineer, have a big motorcycle collection and live in Ottowa, Canada in a big house,

They’d like to become a Youtube animator because it sounds like fun, learn to play guitar, play professional football, go to LA and have fun.

They’d like to draw, speak Japanese, be an author and write for everyone across the globe, develop video games and entertain the world, travel to Singapore and try new things, go to space and see aliens and win a lot of sailing tournaments.

Do something to do with art, move away from this island, live in Japan and learn their language, learn Spanish, do whatever they want as being a child has limitations, wear the clothes they want and do their hair how they want and drink coffee every morning.

They’d love the opportunity to travel and dance, see different places and taste different foods. They’d love to be a journalist and write about the places they’ve travelled, own a horse farm, play in the premier league for Liverpool and to dance to make them and the people around them happy.

Be an exotic animal vet and own a giant tortoise because they live for a very long time.

Have a dog and look after it until it grows old and grey, go to England, travel to Asia, live in Boston and have children. Become a teacher because they’re inspired by their teachers and it seems so much fun!

Ms. Alison


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