Year 3 are Dancing in the Rain

Do you remember the rainy Thursday we had a few weeks ago? Well on that day, the Year 3 students put their rainy day ‘poet hats and shoes’ on and wrote some super gorgeous poems to celebrate. Our inspiration came not just from the looking and listening to the rain, but by also ‘feeling’ the rain. We had a great time splishing and splashing around in all the water that had accumulated in our playground – it was great fun and really inspired us.

We composed a class poem by using each person’s favourite line from their poem. We hope you enjoy it:


Splitter, splatter the rain is coming.

I smell the feathers of an owl on a fresh water lake.

Drip Drip went the rain.

I heard thunder, loud and proud.

The sound of thunder, is like a Ninja’s blade cutting through a watermelon.

Whoosh! goes the wind, twinkling like stars.

The lightning flashes down, onto the floor.

Boom! Boom! went the thunder.

Splash crash.  I see a gorgeous waterfall.

I feel the cold of the rain.

Drip Drop the sound, the sound of the rain is chiming and tingling.

I feel the rain as calm as a breeze.

It makes me feel, fluffy, snuggly and warm.

It makes me feel like an elephant squirting water out of its long swirly nose.

I feel magical. Like I can fly.

Pitter, patter I heard some rainy feet.

Boom! Boom! The thunder is emerging.

It is so much fun in the rain!


Love, love, love it. Well done, Year 3.







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