Daycare Staycation in Letterland

Our Daycare children were all excited to return to the classroom after enjoying a staycation at home.

As the children entered the room, they were amazed to see the some of the Letterland characters on the wall.  Their curiosity, just like Clever Cat in Letterland, led them to explore all the classroom centers calling out the names and sounds of the letters.

So, our journey began, hanging out in Letterland and discovering the wonders of letters and sounds.

Over these first few weeks, the children have revisited some of the sounds they are already familiar with and explored those that are new.

The children have enjoyed making Letterland crafts, listening to the stories of each character, chanting the sounds they make, acting out the actions, making marks that represent each sound, writing in sand, using water to make prints on concrete, tracing with water over chalk, using dot art and tracing with markers, etc.

Some of the highlights were the mixing of the primary colours blue and yellow to make green, showing why Golden girl is sometimes called green girl.

The children discovered that Firefighter Fred puts out fires with foam, so after a real practice of a fire drill they pretended to Firefighter Fred during outdoors play. They used red paint to make their fire fighter hats and gathered sticks to make a pretend fire as they learned about the safety and danger of fire.  Campfire colours of tissue paper were torn, helping to develop the children’s fine motor skills.

Throughout the exploration of the children’s staycation they have also met Uppy Umbrella who loves when it rains so she can help her friends from getting wet.  The children also discovered that Uppy Umbrella can protect them from the sunlight when they visit the beach and learned that she is often seen with Quarrelsome Queen.  

It was fun to meet Lucy Lamp Light because she likes shinning her light in the lighthouse.  The children ordered the numbers 1-6 on Lucy Lamp Lady’s lighthouse.

Playing dice number games with Dippy Duck has was exciting too.

The Daycare students have truly enjoyed a wonderful time discovering all about their Letterland friends and numbers.

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