Dominican Republic 2019

Year 6 have recently returned from the Dominican Republic; having spent five fantastic days there on their residential trip.  The mountainous area of Jarabacoa provided the backdrop to a fun-filled week of exhilaration and adventure.  Rather than me tell you all about it, I thought that you would rather hear from the Year 6 students directly.  So, please read the quotations below to get a better sense of the exciting times that were had by all.

“I loved the setting.  Rancho Baiguate was surrounded by beautiful mountains; and a serene river flowed right beside us too!”  EW

“I personally liked the water rafting the best because of the drops.  You knew you wouldn’t fall out because the instructors were fantastic at steering the raft and keeping you safe.”  JB

“My highlight of the trip was on the last night when we sat around a beautiful camp fire and spoke about our favorite moments from the week.  It was lovely to hear the thoughts of others.”  DN

“My highlight of the trip was fishing; and being the only member of our class to catch one.”  MZJ

“The landscape was gorgeous; the rolling hills made my eyes water.  I will always remember this as we pulled up to Rancho Baiguate for the first time.”  AF

“My best experience was the ropes course because of the challenging obstacles.  After I had finished, I got to watch my friends and encourage those who weren’t feeling confident about it.”  HW

“For me, water rafting was the best activity.  Crashing down the mini waterfalls was a great experience.  The guides made the experience even better with their playful nature.”  HH

“I found the trip to the DR really enjoyable because it was a unique experience; a nice time away with friends; and every second there was an opportunity to try something new.”  CS

“There are amazing things to do at the ranch; and the food was delicious too.  It was great to try some new dishes!”  AP

“My highlight was the ropes course.  I was a little bit nervous before doing it, but I’m glad I tried it, it was exciting moving through all of the different parts.”  MT

‘’Brilliant activities which demand lots of teamwork.  The perfect place to spend your time alongside your friends.”  JG

“I loved visiting the Jurassic Park waterfall.  The cold water below was just what we needed after a long hike.”  DW

“I loved the thrill and experience of the water rafting.  I wish I could go back and do it all over again.”  AD

“I loved the ropes course.  It was fun and really high!”  LT

“My top moment was the horseback riding.  It feels like you might fall off when moving downhill, but this adds to the excitement.”  AB

“My best moment from the trip was the rafting.  I had never done anything like it before.”  LH

“I loved how the water would spray you completely when dropping during the water rafting.”  HH

“Going down the big drops during rafting was the best part of it!”  CS

I think that you will agree that it was the trip of a lifetime!  I want to thank everybody involved in making this trip happen.  Teachers, parents, volunteers…you know who you are!

Here’s to next year!

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