Year 6 Emotive World War 2 Poetry

yr-6-emotive-poetryYear 6 have been studying the historical era of World War 2. In particular their learning has focused on the Holocaust, Blitz, Spies, WW2 Leaders, Impact Then and Now along with many other important areas that attributed to this frightening time in history.

Year 6 have found this time period fascinating and at times they have been heavily touched and moved by the powerful elements that have featured within lessons. With this in mind they set about writing emotive poetry based upon the events that occurred at this time to express their thoughts and feelings regarding the issues explored in class.

Emotive poetry is designed to evoke a strong emotional response after reading. Please read a selection from our class and see if our knowledge of the time period and figurative language techniques used meets this end!

yr-6-my-name-image-mar-2016 yr-6-where-it-all-ended-image-mar-2016 yr-6-war-poem-image-mar-2016 yr-6-war-poem-2-image-mar-2016 yr-6-war-is-lonely-image-mar-2016 yr-6-the-holocaust-image-mar-2016 yr-6-sorrow-image-mar-2016


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