Have you seen Cinderella…?

She was last seen dancing with the Prince at the Royal Ball and he is very keen to find her and marry her. Luckily, the children in Year 2 have made some wanted posters to try and find her. Please keep a look out, rewards vary from diamond rings, vacations, crowns, gold and even some dollars! Come and have a look at our wanted posters if you need a good description of Cinderella.

Year 2 have also been busy writing letters to the Fairy Godmother and writing diary entries about their time at the ball. We then spent time designing our own shoes before finally making them out of clay.

We had to carefully roll, cut, squash, squeeze and smooth the clay to make the perfect shoe! It took time and patience, and as you can see from the photos, a lot of focus too. We then carefully added on designs before painting them – they look fabulous!

We’ve also enjoyed being able to explore the different Cinderella stories from around the world. It has been fun to listen and read different variations of the same traditional tale. Our favourite versions have included ‘Panderella’ where the main character is a panda located in China and ‘Bigfoot Cinderrrrrrella!’ which tells the story of two unruly bigfoots living in a forest.

What an incredibly busy half term! Year 1 and 2 would also like to thank David Bowen for coming in to visit us and telling us some traditional TCI tales too!

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