Helping Children go to School in Haiti

Last week Peter and Eliza visited us at Provo Primary to share with us a project very close to their hearts.  They, along with many others, work hard to support and care for children in Caracol Children’s Home in Haiti.

After hearing it costs as little as $15 to send a child to school for a month, we thought we could try and fundraise to send as many children as we could to school.  The children decided that  they would like donate their month Dress Down Day $1 donations to the children’s home. Amazingly, we managed to raise a whopping $264.71!  This will send 17 children to school this month.

All the teachers at the school would like to thank the children who lovingly and generously gave their own pocket money to help.  The School Council has made it a priority to keep the school updated with news from the Caracol Children’s home.

Please click on this link to find out more about the Caracol Children’s home

How fantastic would it be if we could send children to school every month!  The challenge is on…

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