Jingle Jam resources a big hit with Early Years children

We are excited to share photos of the children enjoying and benefiting from some of the new extra resources that this years Early Years’ Christmas Jingle Jam has funded. From Toddlers to Kindergarten, the children are delighted and have been enthusiastic to explore them daily. To the organisers, and all of you that supported this event, we the teachers and children from early years would like to thank you.


Each December for the past 5 years, our Early Years parents have hosted the Jingle Jam.  It’s a fun filled dance and activity night at the school for our youngest children between the ages 1 – 5 years of age (older siblings invited, too).

In addition to all the resources that the school provides, it is always an asset to have parents as partners in education, making their contribution to enhance this further.  What a great way to support – through organising and joining in with this much looked forward to event on our calendar each year.





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