Middle School Official Opening Ceremony and Open House

We would like to thank all of you who were able to attend our Middle School Official Opening Ceremony and Open House last Monday; it was wonderful to see so much interest and support.

For those of you unable to attend, the evening opened with Ms. Alison welcoming Honorable Malcolm, Minister of Education and Mr. Bowen, Education Officer for Private Schools and other guests, including parents and children of Provo Primary and Middle School.

She went on to talk about her commitment to offering a Middle School Educational learning experience like Provo Primary, that was meaningful, fun, and a place where children felt inspired to learn, where individual passions and talents were recognized, and where children were encouraged to express themselves in creative and imaginative ways.

“With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, we need to be challenging the next generation of children to question, problem solve and think creatively. Above all, children need to be compassionate and caring and learn to work collaboratively, if they are to begin to solve larger world problems.”

Ms. Alison stated that Mr. Toby, the principal of Provo Middle School, has created a curriculum and learning environment which is applicable for the 21st century and has brought all our ideas to fruition.

She went on to thank Mr. Toby stating, “had it not been for Mr. Toby, we wouldn’t be here today; THANK YOU, Mr. Toby”.

Ms. Alison thanked Mr. Jason for the role he played in creating the curriculum and for bringing his expertise and breadth and depth of teaching to our Year 7 students.

She further thanked KH Capital for financing such a wonderful campus for Provo Middle School to operate out of, Simon Hutchings of SWA architects for designing the building and Trevor Musgrove and TD Holdings for building it in record time over this past summer period.

After the ceremonious cutting of the ribbon by Honorable Malcolm, the event continued with Mr. Toby and the Year 7 children showcasing their learning this term.

A relaxing yet informative and celebratory evening was enjoyed by all.

Special thanks go out to Teressa Stokes and The Wine Cellar for providing refreshments for our event.

Phase 2

For those of you who don’t know, Phase 2 of the Middle School Construction is scheduled to commence in April 2019, and will consist of a Music Room, Stage, outdoor seating and outdoor dining areas as per the plans below.

For more information and to enroll at Provo Middle School, please email  middleschool@provoprimary.com or call 333-6327







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