Middle School – Science Fair, 2020

A team of six Provo Middle School scientists have worked for the past 8 weeks to prepare for the 2020 Fortis TCI Science Fair. Linked to our recent exploration of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we wanted to pick an investigation that could positively impact our world.
Undertaking research in Microbiology, our Science Fair team set out to answer the question “Is boiling an effective means of making water safe to drink?”
Did you know that over two billion people do not have access to clean water? We felt this was a huge issue that deserved attention!

At the Science Fair on Thursday, three students did an excellent job of presenting our research project, explaining our careful scientific method and summarising our results and conclusions. Under the pressure of a panel of judges, students spoke with confidence and authority on this complex area of biological science.
What an excellent experience of learning, requiring time, patience, attention to detail, bravery, and focus. Many congratulations to our Middle School Science Fair Team!




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