Outstanding Academic Successes at Provo Primary School, 2012

outstanding-acievement-2012We would particularly like to mention some of the many academic successes that we have had this year pertaining to our oldest students in the school (Years 5 and 6).

*       Many children in Year 6 have attained level 5c’s and 5b’s and are working well ahead of Year 6 expectations in English, Mathematics and Science. One child was assessed as a level 6c writer, working just below the average for a 13 year old.

*       Some of our Year 6s have been following an extended Year 7 Maths curriculum this year.  All these children have gained level 7c’s and a 7b which is well ahead of their expected level, completing a paper which is generally done in Year 9 by 14 year olds!

*       In school entrance exams, we have also experienced huge successes, gaining high marks across the board in entrance exams. We gained the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places in the TCI Middle School.

*       Our school also attained 1st and 3rd place in the Year 7 British West Indies Collegiate exam again, competing against a whole host of other children.

*       One of our Year 5 students also came in 1st place in the Year 6 exam for British West Indies Collegiate and one was accepted into Year 7.  All children that sat the exam were accepted into the school.

*       Our whole Year 5 class attained the UK national average for Year 5 in English and Mathematics, with some children achieving level 5c’s and 5b’s, working well ahead of expectations.


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