Patience, Perseverance & Positivity: The Middle School Dude Perfect Challenge

Returning to school after the past year of online learning created talking points for all students and teachers. What was the year of online learning like for you? What were some of the challenges? How were these challenges overcome and how do you feel now that we have returned to the classroom?

Through all of these discussions, there were many common themes. One of these was the importance of Patience, Perseverance & Positivity in all that we do. All students experienced the importance of these skills in different aspects of their home learning experience.

But how do we develop these skills?

All classes in Provo Middle School were challenged to complete a Dude Perfect Trick Shot in order to explore this problem! Dude Perfect set an amazing example for Patience, Perseverance & Positivity through their incredible trick shot videos.

So, how hard could it be to create some of our own?!

Well…very, as it turns out! Some of these videos took countless attempts to complete and endless hours to capture.

Here is what some of our students had to say about the experience:

“It was so frustrating! Even the easy shot took me ages!”

I needed practice, patience, perseverance and a need to succeed. I also needed to be optimistic, motivated committed and focused.”

“I learned that sometimes we give up too easily.”

“Ignore negative comments!”

“We can learn that some things just take more time than others.”

“If you put in nothing in then the outcome will be nothing.”

“The problems we overcame in the challenge show similarity to real life.”

“The feeling of success is great, no matter how many times you failed.”

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