Performance analysis leads to new records in PE!

Years 6 & 7 have been studying and practising Athletics this term, thinking about how track & field athletes are able to develop their technique in order to improve performance.

Students have spent time learning the specific techniques needed for each discipline: the shot put, javelin, long jump, high jump, triple jump, sprint and hurdles. All children then made an excellent effort to practise these skills.

In recent weeks, we then started to look at how video analysis can help sports people to identify strengths and weaknesses in their performance and technique. Children watched videos of record breaking athletes in order to identify “best examples” for each event. We then recorded each other at our PE sessions to see how we compared and where we could improve.

Children spent time in class reviewing these videos and wrote a range of “coaching tips” for each other. Each of these tips were useful to help our young athletes refine and improve their performance.

Children are now excited to put their skills to the test in competition – Year 6 & 7 Athletics Finals are scheduled for Monday 1st April!

Check out our fantastic videos and coaching tips:

“His hop was amazing but he didn’t have room for his skip.”

“Because his skip was short he didn’t have the timing for his jump.”

“His jump was really high. Good job.”


“She could bounce up more to get more speed in her throw.”

“Her throw was strong because she kept her elbow under her hand.”

“She had a good grip through her throw.”

“A great sidestep to get moving at the start.”


“He moves his hands evenly to make nice equal movements.”

“He looked very focused.”


“His legs stretch forward.”

“His arms aren’t flimsy. They are helping him to run faster.”


“His shuffle steps helped his throw.”

“The javelin set off wonky. Maybe could have con further with a straighter release?”

“He extended fully before his throw.”

“He builds up a lot with his whole body.”

“His whole body was sideways and he did not cross the throwing line.”


“His arms created good motion.”

“He had a great pounce. A smooth take off.”

“His run up was really fast.”

“He took off too early. He could have gone further if he jumped later.”

“His landing was really good. He stretched out and fell forwards.”


Here are a couple of other examples…can you notice the techniques we have been analyzing?



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