Provo Middle School Celebrate the TCI Salt Industry in Art!

Year 7 students of Provo Middle School participated in the Provo Arts & Craft Expo, sharing their learning about the TCI Salt Industry in the process.

In their Design & Technology lessons, students were challenged to create a range of products that were inspired by the TCI’s salt raker heritage. Students arrived at the Arts & Craft Expo ready to sell a wide range of items in order to raise funds for our end of year field trip to upstate New York. We had everything! From cards and calendars, to salt shakers and Christmas ornaments – Year 7 produced real diversity in their ideas and designs.

Students worked their stall throughout the weekend, introducing themselves to customers and explaining our learning journey this term. All products were well received and many happy customers walked away from our stall with handfuls of salt-inspired items.

We were especially pleased to be selling products sent to us by Ms Cynthia of Salt Cay Salt Works, with whom we visited on our field trip to Salt Cay in October. We also sold specially-made soaps that were produced by Ms Arlene of Island Organics. We loved seeing how these two businesses continue to use natural TCI salt in their products.

After a very successful weekend selling, children will now evaluate their products and discover whether they were able to make a profit from each item they designed. Judging by the reaction of one customer, who claimed “this stall is the most fun at the whole fair!”, children will have some very positive evaluations to write!

None of us can wait for our end-of-year field trip next June – we are certainly one step closer after this weekend!


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