QUICK! Middle School Canvas Bags are Selling Out!

Year 7 have had a busy January, selling their canvas bags across the island in order to raise funds for their end of year field trip to Upstate New York.

The children’s designs, depicting TCI’s wildlife, were selected from our Autumn term art project on pointillism. The beautiful designs have been incredibly well received so far, with over 250 bags sold to date!

Children were challenged to manage the entire project from start to finish. Along the way they have been learning how to calculate expenditure and forecast profit; convert money from one currency to another; estimate unknown costs such as duty and shipping; and finally to set prices for sales.

But all that work only got the bags to Providenciales – the real work and learning turned out to be in the selling! Students had to pluck up the courage to speak with members of the public visiting our stands at Fish Fry and outside IGA Gourmet. Everyone needed to know about our bags and field trip fund – smiling and speaking for hours on end is definitely very hard work!

Two children even faced the daunting challenge of standing on stage in front of hundreds of people at the Fish Fry event. What a lot of new experiences these bags have brought us!

Provo Middle School would like to thank the TCI Tourist Board and IGA for supporting the sale of our bags at their locations.

We still have a few final bags available – grab one before it’s too late!


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