Roll Up for the Great Year 2 Bird Competition!

Year Two recently enjoyed the book My Dad’s a Birdman by David Almond. Before we reached the finale of the Great Human Bird Competition, we had a go at designing our very own birdmen and birdladies to take part in a flight of our own.We spent time thinking about what would make our design fly the furthest. Would it be large wings that would make the difference? Or should we be concentrating on making our model aerodynamic?! No, forget all that – the design should be light! Wait…that can’t be right…maybe it should be weighted at the front!

Everyone had their own theories and everyone thought their design was going to be the winning one!

Take a look at our fun designs and watch the slow-motion video to see if you can tell who won the competition!

FUN FACT: Birds are great at flying! They are helped by the fact that their bones are partially hollow! I’m sure a bird would prefer a LIGHT design.

Overall, it was hard to tell who the exact winner was! But one of the most consistently excellent designs was this one…

Apparently, LIGHT really does mean FLIGHT!


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