Santa in the Streets – Spreading the Happiness!

A HUGE thank you to ALL of you who participated and bought gifts in for the ‘Santa in the Streets’ event. It was so, so wonderful to see all of your generous donations taking over the stage area; Santa was getting surrounded by your kind and generous offerings.

The School Council assisted Santa in the important task of distributing your gifts to all the children at the ‘Ashley Learning Centre’ and the ‘Oseta Jolly’ School during this final week of school.

The School Council were AMAZING! They not only assisted Santa in giving out the gifts, they also helped with packing boxes, sorting gifts, organizing the books AND gave out food and drinks all the children. The parents – Kristen and Joan, and I were truly proud of how the School Council went ‘above and beyond’ their call of duty and responded to each task with care, kindness and hard work – what a fantastic attitude to have. Councillors, you were marvelous!

The children, at both schools were so very happy to receive all of your wonderful gifts so once again, thank YOU for your kindness and your sharing. YOU have made many children happy.

Finally, a very special Thank You to Carola, one of our parents, who organised this whole event. The many smiles and feelings of love would not have happened if it was not for YOU.

Thank you, Carola for letting us be a part of your dream in sharing.

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