Santa’s Here!

Santa arrives on the Fire Truck from Provo Primary School on Vimeo.

Santa came to visit the school today, arriving on a shiny fire truck.  This is a special Christmas tradition at the school that the children always look forward to on the last day of term.  Everyone gathers in the car park and awaits the sound, not of sleigh bells, but of the fire engine siren, announcing Santa’s arrival.

Excitement builds as the truck draws nearer and the welcoming smiles, claps and cheers reach fever pitch as he parks and climbs out of the truck with his bulging present sack on his back.  He is then eagerly followed into the school by the ecstatic crowd. He sits himself down on our outside stage and the classes comes out in turn to visit him, each child receiving a gift from his sack.  He always brings everyone a book, for he is a clever Santa who knows that learning to read and enjoying reading is very important.

All the children also got the chance to go on the fire truck – a big thank you to the members of the Turks and Caicos Fire Department for letting everyone take a closer look at the truck and for helping transport Santa to us. “Why does he come on the fire truck?” asked one of our five year olds.  I wonder what Santa said…perhaps you’ll leave us a comment and say what you think he replied!

See you next year, Santa and thank you for stopping by!


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