School Council News …busy busy busy…

This month the School Council have had quite a busy schedule. They helped organise getting the message of WE SAY ‘NO TO STRAWS’ out. We had a poster competition, made cards for our lunch boxes to remind us NOT to use straws, we even made a card to take out with us to show how proud we are of not using straws in cafes and restaurants.

We were also asked to participate in the ‘Food for Thought’ campaign – a very worthy cause that provides Breakfast Boxes to schools where students in need, can go to get something to eat. Thank you to everyone that participated in bringing something to fill up those big blue boxes. Super donations where made by all. Wonderful to think that we have helped other children on this island get to eat a hearty breakfast. THANK YOU.

To end the month of busy-i-ness. This month’s decided Dress Down Day became a bit of a challenge. Each class was asked to decide on a ‘secret theme’ whereby, on the day, everyone had to try to guess what each classes chosen theme was?

We had fashion from the 80’s, Native Americans, Inside Out/backwards, Origins, Rainbows, Beach Day, Dinosaurs and even Super Heroes dress up.  Great fun was had and the school was a blaze of characterful colours. Check out the photos and see if you can guess who was WHO?


Well done to the School Council for passing on all the information and for encouraging everyone to participate – keep up the good work!

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