Science Showcase in Year 6

Science lessons in Year 6 this term have been centered on the study of the human body.  Year 6 students have been busy identifying the main internal organs of the human body; and describing their functions.  In addition to this, they have also been examining some of the main body systems to further their understanding of how organs work together purposefully within the body.

With this in mind, Year 6 students were asked to make an individual presentation to their peers regarding an element of the human body which interests them.  Students were asked to present their material using a style of their choice; but they just had to ensure that their audience would gain something useful from the presentation made.


Each student presented their material to the class; and it hardly needs to be stated that the learning gained from our Science Showcase was incredible.  Such a range of knowledge and facts was shared about the body through an array of presentation styles.  We had models representing lungs and breathing; science experiments linked to hydration and keeping the body healthy; poster boards displaying countless numbers of amazing facts about different areas of the body; PowerPoint presentations; taste experiments; memory investigations…the list could go on!

Needless to say, the exercise enabled Year 6 to rehearse their presentation skills and educate their peers in the process.  Please view our photos to get a sense of how our Science Showcase was a great success.

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