SFS Superstars visit was a hit!

Wednesday the 17th October the whole of KS2 were lucky enough to be visited by the wonderful SFS (School for Field Studies) from South Caicos. These are university students from America who come over to study the nature, biology and wonders of the T.C.I for one semester. They have visited our school for roughly the past 5 years and it is always a complete delight to have them here. Their enthusiasm and their kind, friendly, open nature towards all of our children makes their visit not only academically worthwhile but also a wonderful social experience for the children interacting with a different age group.

SFS always dedicate the children’s snack time to getting to know them and playing with them which our children truly love! We learnt about mangroves, dolphin echolocation, weaving, TCI dances, how we as humans are affecting the life cycle here, TCI plants and so much more! It was a fantastically full morning with the children moving around in mixed age groups which was another great way of seeing how much all our children know and work so well with each other, irrelevant of their age. My Class, the Year 5s, loved every minute of it, and Year 5 and I cannot wait for them to visit again.

If you or any of your children feel like popping in when you are visiting South I know they would love to see you! Thanks so much SFS!

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