SPORTING SUPERHEROES! – Years 3-5 Sports Day 2018

Last Thursday the 8th of November and the previous Thursday (1st) Years 3-5 had their Sports day and what a set of Sports days it was! Due to the eagerness of the children to carry out a range of races and the temperature at that time of day, we decided to split the events over two sessions. This way the children could enjoy both without feeling over-exhausted or with sunstroke. Our first session involved the track events: 100m, hurdles, 200/400m and relay. The skill and speed of our runners in all year groups really blew us (as teachers) all away; they were superb. It was fantastic to see how determined and how focused the children were on pacing and delivering in each race and quite simply the huge passion so many of them have for running in general.

The next session was based around the field events of discus, javelin and long jump with the focus less on competition with each other and more with themselves. Their individual challenge was to beat their personal bests from their previous weeks of training. A lot of them did exactly this, well done! To finish off we had some super fun parent/carer, child races which were hugely entertaining. We even had some determined parent sack races without the children we were all having that much fun! A huge thank you to all the parents for participating in one or both events. I, and I’m sure the children, appreciate you all supporting the split of events to make it less of a heavy, hot morning for all! It was a thoroughly enjoyable set of events.

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