Talk4Writing: Yr3 Native American culture inspires Year 3 Storytellers!

The history and heritage of Native American storytelling is famous across the world. It’s no wonder, then, that one of these stories inspired our Year 3 class to share their learning by performing their Talking Text.

As part of their Talk4Writing literacy project on Myths, Legends and Adventure Stories, students explored the shared text through a range of drama and performance techniques. Characters and settings were explored in collaboration with peers to encourage discussion and develop the understanding of all students.

The combination of whole class topics with literacy projects is very common across the school and serves to enrich pupils’ learning by connecting the skills taught across different subjects.

We hope you enjoy our wonderful Year 3 Storytellers’ version of The Buffalo and the Clever Coyote. Click on the files below to see some of the activities that were inspired by this project.

Coyote Cartoon

Speech Bubbles

Speak Your Mind

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