Takaleed Showcase Traditional Arabic Music

arabic-musicians-nov-2013 (2) Last week we were entertained by a visiting duo of talented musicians, Abdelkader Saadoun and Nizar Al-Issa’s.  They are two members of a band called Takaleed who showcase traditional Arabic music.  Abdelkader and Nizar told the children all about their instruments, the oud,  the mandole and other percussion instruments.  In no time, our 2 to 11 year olds were joining in with songs, singing in Arabic and creating rhythms together.   Thank you, Abdelkader and Nizar, for introducing us to your beautiful instruments and music.  Thank you also to David Bowen of the Department of Culture for bringing Takaleed along to our school.  How fortunate we have been to meet such amazing musicians.  Read on to learn more about Takaleed and to  hear them play.

arabic-musicians-nov-2013Abdelkader Saadoun originally comes from Algeria where he learnt to play Rai, the country’s native music. Now living in the UK, he formed Takaleed with some of the most talented musicians from the Arabic world. Altogether, the band consists of four performers from different backgrounds who sing and play traditional instruments such as mandole and oud, as well as North African percussion including hadjoudj, bendir, derbouka, tambourine and djembe. They are a charismatic ensemble, who enliven audiences with their infectious rhythms and dynamic stage personality.

Nizar Al-Issa’s, originally from Palestine from a respected musical family with roots in Ramallah, has a naturally powerful, passionate voice has been called ‘the authentic sound of the Middle East’.  ‘I think I’ve always sung’ he says. ‘From a really early age I was listening to the sounds all around me – from the great Arabic singers to the local guys at weddings and parties, even the fishermen and farmers … everything I heard went in somewhere! And I’ve always written songs, it just comes naturally to me – although the technique, the skills in using my voice, composition and mastery of the oud are down to years of practice and training!’

Learn more about Takaleed and hear them play, here.

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